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Pick a prize, spin the wheel. Everyone's a winner at Mike's!

Welcome to Mike's Cigars Incredible Wheel of Deals, where you buy a box and get the perfect free gift every time.

To play, simply select the free gift you'd like to receive, and give the ole' wheel a spin Pat Sajak-style to learn what accompanying purchase lands you your free "surprise".

Not thrilled by the super selection our computer made for you, go ahead and keep spinning 'til you find one to your liking!

Sound simple? It is! With brands like Partagas, Montecristo, Macanudo and La Gloria plus torch lighters, cutters and other nice cigar swag, choosing a great gift for yourself or a friend couldn't be easier.

Don't hesitate on this one folks, the selection may change and stock will go fast, so grab'em while they last.

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