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Friday The 13th Cigar Sampler

  • Body: Medium
  • Size: big ring

Friday the 13th Cigar Sampler

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Its the scariest time of the year is here and the only thing more terrifying then the ghosts, monsters and witches that come out on October 31st is this Friday when the calendar aligns with the scariest time this month - Friday The 13th. Prepare yourself for multiple anomalies and weird unexpected things to happen! I am already preparing myself for this time of the year by getting me some amazing cigars to smoke at my house all day without even stepping foot outside the door. Since this will be an all day thing, and I already have a problem going out Thursday nights with a friends because weird unfortunate things happen. So I thought it would be best to start keeping safe from Thursday night to Saturday morning by getting me some bad boy 6 x 60 cigars so I can have a long flavorful smoke. These cigars are perfect for my little smokeout because I can start by chilling with the Chilling Moose, and move over to the Gurkha Beast when am ready to go Beast Mode. After that I can select my Afrique Montecristo and then when am getting a little on edge and wanting to leave I can just remember I need to seek Asylum with my beautiful Asylum cigar, and finally when it's coming to an end and I am chilling I will finish off with Chilling Moose too. Happy Friday The 13th Stay Safe!

Foundry Chillin Moose Gigante (6 x 60) Foundry Cigars brings you a meticulously crafted cigar the Chillin’ Moose. The moose is carefully crafted from a blend of premium filler leaves from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, US broadleaf, and Mexican San Andres tobaccos held in an Ecuador Sumatra binder and finished with a Connecticut Habano Rosado wrapper. This Mild-Medium Cigar set the world of cigars on fire at launch, and a mellow yet mouthwatering legend was born.

Asylum 13 Sixty (6 x 60) These Asylum 13 cigars come skillfully wrapped in a dark Nicaraguan Habano wrapper. When combined with Cuban-see long fillers which have been grown throughout the black volcanic soils of Nicaragua and aged for exceptional taste, the combination truly gives a great complex explosion of flavor for the palette unlike any other you’ve ever had. Hints of cocoa and spice come through this bold cigar once you light it up, soon after you’ll begin to notice earthy tones, espresso bean, black tobacco and subtle sweet/spicy notes all throughout. This cigar gives you a slow, cool burn with long ashes. This makes it a great addition to your cigar collection.

Montecristo Afrique Select Kubwa (6 x 60) Mike's Cigars offers Montecristo Afrique cigar, the most unique Montecristo cigar of all. Composed of African tobaccos from Cameroon and Tanzania it has a distinctly entrancing flavor with an exotic, spicy core. Indescribably rich and creamy. A must-try for cigar aficionados.

Gurkha Beast Toro Gordo (6 x 60) The size alone shows that this cigars is a BEAST! These cigars are small batch handmade babies that utilizes a blend of Dominican, Honduran, and Colombian long-fillers. Creating a spectrum of flavours like cocoa and cedar leaving a smooth and slightly sweet finish on the palate! This medium body cigar is truly a beast and one of the best to enjoy!

Foundry Chillin Moose Too Gigante (6 x 60) Foundry set the world on fire with the launch of their mild-medium gem the Chillin' Moose, and their follow up in a real treasure. The subtly stronger Chillin’ Moose Too series introduced the moose to Maduro cigar lovers of the world. A gorgeously dark and oily Connecticut Broadleaf holds a premium blend of aged Nicaraguan tobacco which bring you a full-bodied smoke filled with rich sweet spice, cocoa, pepper, and vanilla flavors.

Foundry Chillin Moose Gigante 6 x 60
Asylum 13 Sixty 6 x 60
Montecristo Afrique Select Kubwa 6 x 60
Gurkha Beast Toro Gordo 6 x 60
Foundry Chillin Moose Too Gigante 6 x 60

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