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898 Collection Seconds Corona bdl of 25

898 Collection Seconds Corona bdl of 25

898 Collection Seconds Corona

Mike's price: $53.50
  • SKU: 898CO2
  • Color: Natural
  • Length: 5 3/4
  • Ring size: 43
  • Rating:  4/5based on 4 reviews Write a review


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898 Collection Seconds cigars carry the same look and feel of the perfect standard cigars that the factory boss keeps in his drawer. Sometimes, however, they may find a minor cosmetic blemish that renders the cigar, which would qualify it from every other aspect, a misfit for the 898 Collection Seconds. Regardless, it gives smokers a perfect smoking experience. So Mike's Cigars offers you these cigars in a bundle, at a great discount.


Customers Reviews


Daaaamn - Jamal on 04/25/2017

Yo I have never smoked such a cheap cigar to come back and say I would smoke them again. If these are "seconds" then hell I'm gonna stick to these from now on, ain't got no money for expensive fancy cigars and these are smooth and mild just as I like my cigars.


Forgot to use the star system rating - The Wright Time on 02/15/2016

Wrote a review of these, can't be seconds; bundles but forgot to use rating system. I believe my words rated these mild tasty smokes. Only at Mikes could you expect this deal. Forget the rest, it's Mikes for any


Happy I was Low on Funds, Serendipity at it's Finest! - The Wright Time on 02/15/2016

Had an empty square in my humidor that had been reserved for a friends smokes. He moved to Belize


Gertrude Stein, you ain't seen nuthin' yet - Billy Bob Sixpack on 12/04/2015

It was the late, great Gertrude stein who famously said "A rose is a rose is a rose". (that's debatable) What isn't debatable, when it comes to cigars, is a second is a second is a second. No cigar maker turns out a second on purpose. But Mike's 1898 seconds should make you wanna find out how good the 1898 firsts are! Back around 2003-2004 B.D. (before divorce) when I had $$ to spend, I'd spring for the 1898s. How good they were--and, no doubt, still are. But these 2nds are really good. Mild taste, good construction, nicely wrapped, and very smokeable. The only fly in the ointment is the draw is not as consistent from cigar to cigar. But for those smokers looking to save a buck or twenty, give these a try. Gave 'em 4 stars, but they're closer to 4-1/2.

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