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Cigar Services: Rolling, Models, Connoisseurs and Custom Cigar Bands


What a hit! A Cigar roller with Custom Brand Cigars...talk about exposure and captivating your audience! Mikes Cigars has Cigar rollers to attend your convention or corporate event and maximize your booth presence by demonstrating the skillful art of rolling a puro. Conventions andcorporate events, virtually every upscale event imaginable are provided with your personal Mike’s Cigars expert. Premium cigars, innovative cigar events with top, sociable cigar roller talent, created by graphics designers, experienced in-house event planners and rollers. We are the only premium cigar brand that easilybecomes part of our customer's lives and special memories. Old World tradition in the creation of our cigars with cigar rollers dedicated to the craft combined with modern day technology to encouragecustomer interaction brings a fresh approach to an otherwise conventional cigar industry.

"El Maestro" Cigar Roller:

Are unique, experienced and talented individuals who earn the “master” title by having the ability to select, blend and bunch the Tobacco leaves that make up the anatomy of a particular cigar’s size, strength and body. Their skillful hands can roll any shape of cigar. Our company guarantees quality, consistency and dependability by providing factory master rollers that have over 10 years of experience rolling premium long filler Cigars.


The Cigar Connoisseur:

Our Cigar Connoisseur accompanies our “maestro” as they entertain and fascinate your audience with the comprehensive explanation of cigar making and all its beauty. We elaborate on several topics ranging from how the cigar is manufactured, its different shapes and sizes and the various regions where tobacco is produced. Our cigar expert compliments the experience by assisting and demonstrating to your audience the various tools which are utilized when cutting, smoking and lighting the cigar.

The Cigar Connoisseur entertains and educates your guests with information such as explaining where different areas from around the world where Tobacco is grown. We discuss such areas as Dominican Republic to Nicaragua , and wrappers from Connecticut to Cameroon . We also touch base on how cigars are manufactured, the different shapes, shades, sizes & characteristics of Cigars. We further assist guests with cutting, toasting and lighting the Cigars. There’s always the best compliment to the Cigar Connoisseur is that he/she is the consummate marketing professional who can increase booth traffic at Trade shows or Conventions. It’s a hit any which way you light it!


Cigar Models:

Our Cigar Models are friendly, elegant and cheerful individuals dressed in your preferred attire; be it corporate, traditional or evening attire. They cruise through your event with fresh rolled cigars on a wooden tray. Keeping everybody entertained and enthralled with the curiosity of smoking a fresh hand-rolled cigar. Our Cigar Models guide the guests with the cutting, toasting and lighting of their Cigars. Not only are they great to look at, they know a thing or two about our cigars! All of our models are carefully selected, making them an ideal complement to our Cigar service, adding glamour to your event.  


The History of Our Custom Cigars & Blend:

Our master blenders produce the perfect cigar. Utilizing three leaves, known as Ligero Viso & Volado of Cuban seed grown in the Dominican Republic. The Cigar is exquisitely wrapped as the final finish with the best domestic Connecticut shade wrapper. Our leaves are delicately selected, properly stored and we control carefully every step involved in production until they arrive at your event. The leaves are cultivated in rich soil and climate, aged for 6 years before production. We offer our cigars in a Natural or Maduro wrapper with mild, medium or full body.

There are three types of leaves on each tobacco plant. These three types are called Ligero, Seco and Volado. Each and every cigar needs a combination of these three types, and the combination and how it is created will have a direct impact on the taste and smoke of your cigar. Each of those cigars also has Ligero, Seco and Volado leaves included.

Ligero, the first type, is made from the leaves at the top of the tobacco plant. These leaves will have the most flavor and will be the most bold. The more of the Ligero included, the stronger the cigar will be. The next type, Seco, comes from the middle part of the tobacco plant. These leaves are of the mild type, so depending on how much Seco is used; it will affect the mild flavor of your cigar. The final leaf is the Volado. When it comes to flavor and aroma, the Volado does virtually nothing. Instead, this leaf, found at the bottom of the plant, will have the most burn ability. All cigars need Volado leaves so that they will burn properly and you will be able to enjoy them. This is because Ligero and Seco leaves will not burn very well on their own. Volado will make sure your cigars will burn. This blend aims to please the most demanding pallet and is designed to be enjoyed by a diverse group of people, from the fist-time novice to the aficionados Cigar smoker.

Cigar Shape & Sizes Available:

  • Toro (6 x 50)
  • Cervantes (7 x 42)
  • Torpedo (6.5 x 54)
  • Robusto (5 x 50)
  • Corona (5 x 42)

Please contact us for availbility and pricing!

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