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Cigar reviews

TTT Trinidad Robusto Cigar Review

TTT Trinidad Robusto Cigar Review
  • Size: 5 x 50
  • Wrapper: Natural
  • Rating: 17.5

A bold, gold band gives this robusto a great appearance. This is a very “pretty” cigar with a classic parejo shape. The construction appears solid. There are no blemishes or tears. The seams of the wrapper appear to be well sealed. This Trinidad, also known as the TTT Trinidad, has strong cocoa aromas. This cigar has a wonderful flavor "arch" and from start to finish takes the smoker through a complete range of flavors.

  • Taste:
  • 1st Third
  • - The first puff confirms the pre-light aroma. This cigar starts with a lot of flavor, but has a slightly bitter finish. The body starts as a medium-full in flavor but a little one noted, woody-cocoa. Nearing the end of this third, the cigar opens up a little both in flavor and strength.
  • 2nd Third
  • - The bitter finish has faded. What once started as a one trick pony, flavor-wise, has grown into a complex range of tastes. The cocoa is still there, but now the cedar-like flavors are more pronounced as well as coffee and slight leathery tones. One taste is really hard to nail down at this point. This is not a bad thing and truly takes a turn towards interesting. At the end of this third, peppery hints can be tasted in the finish.
  • Last Third
  • - The Trinidad finishes with as a medium-full bodied cigar that is medium-full in strength. It ends on a high as cedar flavors come out more strongly and some of the sweetness fades into the background. The woodsy tastes are counterbalanced by spice and leathery flavors which have also stepped up.
  • Burn and Ash
  • - The cigar lit easily after toasting the foot. The burn started a little uneven (probably user error), but it quickly corrected within the first third and burned evenly the rest of the way. The ash is firm and well packed. Even with windy conditions, the ash held strong.
  • Strength:
  • - medium to full smoke
  • Comments:
  • - This cigar is a well-constructed cigar that features a nice flavor profile. I find it very balanced and can challenge a smoker’s palate (in a good way). I really enjoyed this smoke and would consider this both an everyday or “celebratory” cigar. While I wouldn’t say that this is a “spicy” cigar, I did find the pepper finish towards the end very nice and balanced the beginning sweetness wonderfully. This cigar has a wonderful flavor "arch" and from start to finish takes the smoker through a complete range of flavors. Because of this balance, I would recommend this cigar for any time of the day with any beverage. I initially thought that this cigar would be stronger in flavor than it was and would punch the user with flavor. Rather, the Trinidad evolved gradually over the course cigar and always left me wanting more.
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