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Cigar reviews

Diamond Crown Robusto Cigar Review

Diamond Crown Robusto Cigar Review
  • Size: 5 1/2 x 54
  • Wrapper: Maduro
  • Rating: 18

Great appearance, nice medium brown in color and no large veins. Nice Construction, the feel was firm but not hard. Nice straightforward tobacco smell to the wrapper and foot of the cigar. I cut the cigar w/ my Palio cutter

  • Taste:
  • 1st Third
  • - My first draw gave me a light spice flavor. This flavor quickly turned lightly sweet, reminded me of black cherry. The cigar has a very creamy smoke and texture.
  • 2nd Third
  • - As the cigar moved into the 2nd third I started getting some hints of almond and produced a nice level of smoke.
  • Last Third
  • - The almond flavor stayed very consistent throughout the life of the cigar. It gain in a little strength with a little earthy flavors but stayed very creamy.
  • Burn and Ash
  • - I had a tad uneven burn for the 1st third of the cigar but it straighten out in the 2nd third of the cigar and stayed consistence through the life of the cigar. The ash was a nice light grey and firm.
  • Strength:
  • - mild to medium smoke
  • Comments:
  • - I nubbed this cigar and didn’t want it to end, a very nice smoke. The only real issue I had with the cigar was the burn but I would recommend putting some of these cigars in your humidor to enjoy again and again.
  • DIAMOND CROWN ROBUSTO #4 box of 15


    5 1/2 x 54
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