Mikes Cigar Sampler Feature: Swag and Aging Room


In an effort to draw more attention to some damn good cigars you might be missing, our Mikes Cigars elite have procured a collection of some of the best small batch boutique cigars you don’t want to miss. Our favoites are the Swag SoBe Edition and the Aging Room F55 and are not only enjoyable smokes, they really reflect the modern cigar lifestyle and are the perfect smokes for summer.

Swag South Beach Edition VIP is a true Dominican Puro with some nice Dominican Ligero in mixed in the blend. This vitola is a smaller 4.5×48 Rothschild size for a quick smoke. Its wrapper is rich and caramelly and the flavor profile is of sweet spice, nut, and peppery citrus notes. This is a handy full-bodied cigar with pop to it with a fantastic presentation. From the tissue wrapping that makes it feel like a present to the South Beach inspired band, this VIP is sure to become your signature summer smoke. Swag says this is not your father’s Dominican Cigar….this is a new kind of Dominican smoke with the aroma, flavor and combustion that Dominican tobaccos are known for but with strength, complexity and character that until now has been found only in Nicaraguan tobaccos.

Swag’s Quickie is one of the best bargain cigars of 2011. At 5.5 inches plus a 52 ring, Swag Quickie cigars are a new kind of Dominican cigar. Swag is Dominican Puro with the aroma and flavor that Dominican tobacco is known for. The character and complexity of Swag cigars is sure to please the most discriminating smoker.

Aging Room M356 Presto is a nice and neat 4.5×48 in size. Cigar Insider rated the Aging Room a respected 94. The Aging Room cigar is creamy and smooth despite being a full body. It brings flavors of slightly roasted almonds with cedar and spice.

Aging Room Quattro F55 Stretto cigars are box pressed small-batch cigars sporting an obscure Sumatra wrapper aged nine years. This vitola is the smaller of the Quattro collection. Expect full-bodied robust flavors orchestrated by this particular wrapper. Here is a rich and meaty smoke with earthy notes, some pepper, cream and a sweet caramel finish worthy of an ovation.

As a free bonus, we are adding the very delicious VegaFina Toro to this very special summertime sampler. If you are not yet familiar with These extraordinary yet affordable cigars have become one of the most sought-after cigars in Europe. Now you can enjoy these cigars without a passport. Handcrafted at the famous Tabacalera de Garcia factory, Vega Fina cigars boast a luxurious, hand-selected Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper and a flavorful combination of Dominican, Colombian and Honduran long filler tobaccos with a Indonesian binder. Vega Fina is a distinctly smooth, aromatic smoke with medium body that is considered by many to be a true connoisseur’s smoke.

For more information about this cigar sampler, click here. Please enjoy.

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Licenciados Toro

Today’s review is the Licenciados in a toro 6×50 ring gauge. This is a great cigar at a bargain price. It’s handcrafted by Manual Quesada in his MATASA factory in the Dominican Republic. If you’re a lover of Macanudo cigars, you’ll probably enjoy the Licenciados. I’m smoking the connecticut shade wrapper  and by the looks it would be considered a higher quality wrapper. The appearance is great. It has some veining, but overall a nice looking cigar.

As I lit up, I couldn’t help but notice several nice nutty notes right off the bat. That was something I wasn’t expecting, because most of the time you will get a bitter tone on less expensive cigars. Not this one! In fact, Manual Quesada blended this cigar to taste like a Macanudo. He kicked things up a notch by adding some rich flavors that we will get into shortly.

There is a nice smoky aroma that is hard to place, but it’s something close to a mixture of cream and spice. It flows effortlessly with every puff of the cigar. You will notice a nice flaky ash along with big beautiful wasps of smoke. As you get about fifteen minutes or so into the cigar, you’ll taste milk and light coffee tones. The burn has been spot on and the draw is right in my range of above average to excellent. If you really dig deep, you will notice some very light spice undertones, another pleasant surprise that I wasn’t expecting.


As you hit the midway point, the spice notes found earlier begin to pick up. Rich creamy undertones of milk are also evident. At this stage I would classify this as a mild to medium body cigar. On the back half of the cigar, expect the nutty tones to pick up along with the coffee. The milk and spice tones remain pretty consistent to finish out the cigar.

While not an overly complex cigar, it is a very enjoyable smoke. Rich and consistent are two words that come to mind. If you love connecticuts or are a fan of Macanudos then I would highly recommend the Licenciados. Oh, and I should mention it received a 93 in Cigar Aficionado. The price starts around $3.00 per stick. For me, I’ve personally added this as one of my everyday cigars.

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Bauza – Casa Grandes

A true gem of a cigar, the Bauza is sure to meet all of your expectations. They are made in the Dominican Republic and were originally released in 1980. They have stood the test of time. It is not only an excellent cigar, but they are made in the prestigious Fuente Factory. That should tell you all you need to know about this cigar. The Fuente Factory is known for making some of the highest quality cigars and the Buaza is no exception.

I’ve chosen to smoke the Casa Grande size for this review; it is a 6.75”x48 ring gauge. However, it’s available in eight different sizes to fit your preferred choice of ring gauge. It’s semi dark Sun Grown Ecuadorian wrapper looks fantastic. You will notice some small veining, but nothing that takes away from the look of the cigar. An oily sheen along with a triple cap completes the presentation.

Right away, you will notice hay like notes as you toast the end of the cigar and begin smoking the first inch or so. After you get past the initial start of the cigar, the hay starts to subside and cedar and spice tones begin taking over. Ten minutes in and the burn has be spot on. The draw on the cigar is one of the best that I’ve had in a long time. It requires just enough effort to keep it interesting.

A third of the way in, I’ve begun to get a touch of plum like notes that lasted for several minutes. It quickly disappears and the cedar and spice tones are back in full force. The burn to this point has been impeccable. I wanted to test the cigar further and decided to set it down for five minutes to see how it would do. To my surprise, when I returned the cigar remained lit and I didn’t have to touch it up.

Two thirds of the way in now and hints of coffee, nutmeg and nuts are all evident. Smooth creamy notes can also be found. As mentioned prior, the burn and draw have remained consistent with no issues so far. In the final third of the cigar, everything begins culminating and you will get hints of all the flavors and notes mentioned throughout the cigar. I tasted a nice cedar like aftertaste on my palette that enhanced the smoking experience.

The Buaza is an overall winner for sure. It has received a 92 rating from Cigar Aficionado. Also, it’s one of Carlos Fuente Sr.’s favorite cigars and can be found sitting on his table in his office. I would recommend that you go buy a few and try it out for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

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Mike’s Cigars Releases Licenciados in a Smaller Size

Licenciados Espresso Small CigarsBest selling brand now available as a small cigar.

The Licenciados cigar has been the best selling cigar for Mike’s Cigars for decades. When Cigar Aficionado magazine scored Licenciados a 93 rating, it was the highest rating ever given to a non-Cuban cigar. This cigar was originally created to taste like a Macanudo but with richer flavors. The cigar paved the way for other Dominican cigars to get noticed. Cigar Aficionado described this cigar as “a medium-bodied cigar packed with flavors of nuts, coffee and a solid cedar finish. It is very well-made with a beautiful dark brown wrapper.”

In the spirit of the original Licenciados, Mike’s Cigars has made it in a small cigar size. “For those times when you haven’t got time for a long smoke, but still want to enjoy a cigar,” the cigarmaker said.

Licenciados Espresso premium small cigars are available in tins of 10 and units of 50 and have a nutty, creamy flavor. Back with the same signature flavor, the cigars now come in new packaging and a convenient compact size for enjoyment anytime at any place.

Mike’s Licenciados cigars are also available in Supremo Maduro, and EMS in Churchill, Excellentes, Figurado, No. 4, Panetalla Linda, Presidentes, Soberanos, Toro, and the world renowned Wavell.

About Mike’s Cigars: Established in 1950, Mike’s cigar store is one of the big three independent cigar mega-stores in the United States with retail and wholesale cigars online since 1998 and mail-order catalog services since 1970, and also a flagship cigar shop in Miami’s Bay Harbor. All venues offer premium cigars from most cigar manufacturers worldwide. The company ships cigars, cigar samplers and cigar accessories to consumers all over the world, and carries over 1,000 different brands of premium cigars. Small cigars, large ring gauge cigars and everything in between are available on sale, on site and online.

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Meet the Cohiba Gigante

Cohiba Gigante Cigars 6×60

Hear ye, hear ye! To answer the current callout for giant gauge cigars, here comes the Cohiba Gigante, a substantial Cohiba cigar with a 60 ring gauge. This big cigar is just what cigar fans have been waiting for from Cohiba with its proprietary Dominican blend of tobacco mixed by cigar master Senor Daniel Nunez. There is already a Cohiba Black Gigante cigar in lucious Maduro, so the Cohiba Gigante is the Natural counterpart. From Cohiba cigars you know you are going to get consistency and richness in a medium-bodied smoke that anyone can enjoy. Be the first to try one – order now!

Receive a FREE Cohiba Slice Cutter worth $95 with any box of Cohiba Cigars while supplies last.

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Perfecto Padrón

PadronYou'll remember a Padrón Padrón Cigars Miami

When you remember life’s important moments, you’ll remember a Padrón, it is said. There has not been a year that this family of cigars has not ranked in the top five cigars of that year, and on several occasions, a Padrón cigar has been named the best cigar of the year. A good place to start is the Padrón Original Series, or the thousand series, as it is sometimes called. With 15 vitolas in both natural or maduro, perhaps the best way to begin is to get acquainted with the Padron 8 Cigar Sampler. Here you can try a couple from each of three Padron cigar collections, in both natural or their rich maduro.

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Michael Jordan’s Cigar Smoking Paradise

Million Dollar Humidor Michael Jordan’s 12.4 million dollar live-in humidor.

TMZ – Jupiter, FL – Consider the world record for “largest humidor ever” broken — Michael Jordan’s $12.4 MILLION Jupiter, FL palace is juuust about ready to move in to … and it features an insane cigar-friendly home theater.

His Airness — rarely seen these days without a tightly-rolled Cuban between his teeth — has been building the 28,000 square foot estate for the past three years, complete with a giant state-of-the-art home theater … outfitted with special equipment made to handle mass amounts of cigar smoke.

The 3-acre, 11-bedroom compound is being built in the middle of an ultra-exclusive golf course community called the Jack Nicklaus’ Bear Club … where Tiger Woods also lives.

It’s unclear where Jordan plans to display his 5 MVP trophies and 6 NBA Championship rings … but between the main house, the pool house, the guest house, and the 2-story guard house … he’s got plenty of choices.

FYI — There’s also a ridiculous athletic facility … complete with b-ball court, naturally.

Cigar Enthusiast Michael Jordan

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2012/12/11/michael-jordan-new-house-jupiter-florida/#ixzz2My4N0rUJ

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The Highly Favored Rocky Patel Fifteenth Anniversary Robusto

RP Fifteenth Anniversary Rocusto Cigars Box of 25

As for the Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary Robusto, those in the industry are calling the Rocky Patel Fifteenth Anniversary their favorite RP blend, and reviewers are saying it is different from your standard Rocky Patel cigar, with more spice and richness not unlike the smoking characteristics of a great Nicaraguan Puro. Perhaps most noted is the complex flavor the 15th Anniversary tobacco blend delivers. Attractive construction lends the Robusto a certain elegance, and the definite sweetness of dried fruit or black cherry and floral are particularly noted, as well its velvety Jalapa wrapper, voluminous smoke output and sturdy ash. The cigar band and cigar box have that commemorative Americana appeal like minted money and ornate engravings, letting the cigar smoker know this is a special release. Pleasant and never overpowering, a spicy start and enjoyable ending of flora, wood and mocha are the stars here, and another reason the Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary Robusto just received a 92 point rating.

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iFlame is a Flameless Lighter

Flameless Travel Lighter Flameless USB Travel Lighter

Be the first to have a fashionable flameless lighter you can travel with, take in airports and aboard flights, and use outdoors in the wind, weather and elements. This is the perfect smoking accessory with a high-tech design – a hot gadget that you can quickly recharge with your USB port and use it to light up to 200 cigarettes. Best of all, it comes in bright colors so you can find it and identify it. It is the size of a pocket mp3 player.

We tested it outside our Bay Harbor storefront on a breezy day, and after a couple of tries to ignite, we got the hang of it. You have to hold it just right then press the button, and there’s no need to make direct contact between your smoking device and the iFlame. So light it up.

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Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado

February's Featured Cigar The Hot Cigar of the Moment
Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado is the hot cigar of the moment.  Just highly rated at 92 points by Cigar Aficianado, (also the number 1 cigar of 2012 according to Cigar Snob)  and the featured cigar of February, the Figurado is “a gorgeous and complex cigar brimming with floral notes and hints of malted nougat.”  The Melanio is named for Don Melanio Oliva, grand-daddy of the Oliva family cigar business.  The Figurado vitola is packed with out of the ordinary tastes including herbal flavors like anise that give it a hint of root beer, a salty quality that gives it a peanuttiness, red pepper and leather.  Spicy and sweet with a toasted finish.

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Alec Bradley American Sungrown

Founded by Alec Rubin in 1996, Alec Bradley Cigar Co has distinguished itself as a world class boutique producer and vendor in the premium cigar industry. The brand is recognized for both quality and accessibility. Alec Bradley cigars continue to receive top ratings from critics and smokers around the globe.

The Alec Bradley house produces over 13 different lines of cigars. The lines include: American Classic, American Sungrown, Black Market, Family Blend, Maxx, Maxx Connecticut, Occidental Reserve, Prensado, Select Cabinet Reserve, Tempus, Tempus Maduro, Vice Press, Special Blends and Spirit of Cuba.

Let’s talk about the Alec Bradley American Sungrown, a new and bolder line of the Alec Bradley American Brand. Alan Rubin, President of Alec Bradley, and the tireless engine behind the success of this cigar boutique corporation says that the American Sun Grown “has darker elements… It’s a nice little spice bomb with more body and more spice than the American Classic…” “We had this beautiful sun grown Habano wrapper leaf from Jalapa, after curing, the leaf acquired great color, burned well, and had a very rich flavor and aroma. By adding it to the filler and binder we’re using in the American Classic Blend, the Sungrown offers excellent balance while directing more spice flavors to the palate.”

The cigars are blended with the same Estelí & Condega grown long-fillers and the Jalapa binder used in the American Classic Blend, but they are finished with a sungrown Jalapa Habano wrapper. The result is a more mature cigar with deep spicy flavors and a robust character. Yet, the cigar is smooth throughout the entire length with solid ash and nutty sweet notes on the palate. The range of flavors from beginning to end is phenomenal and the combination of power and satisfaction that became the benchmark of Alec Bradley reached a higher plateau with the introduction of the American Sun Grown cigar.

The addition of this leaf blend will offer premium cigar smokers a medium strength cigar in the “value” price range of $4.75 to $5.75 per cigar. Mike’s Cigars carries a wide selection of cigars and samplers from the Alec Bradley Collection, including Alec Bradley Sun Grown blend cigars – in stock and ready to ship, in your favorite strength and size. Get your Alec Bradley Cigar and experience the difference!


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Foundry Cigar

Foundry a cigar created by Michael Giannini of Team La Gloria Cubana is a cigar that is innovative, unique and creative. The Foundry Cigar blend includes five different tobaccos from four countries. The Foundry cigar features an eight to ten year old Connecticut wrapper from a very small farm that was saved for a special project. A blend that will take you on a journey into the unknown of taste and flavor that you have never experienced before. Every cigar has a steampunk inspired metal gear just below the ring band that is to be held onto for some type of promotion in the works for 2013 with General Cigar. More details to follow. The Foundry Cigar is available in the following sizes: Foundry Wells Cigar, Foundry Talbot Cigar, Foundry Lovelace Cigar, and the Foundry Cayley Cigar. Foundry 5 packs and boxes available in all sizes

Foundry cigars are not available on line. The brand is restricted and you have to call on the phone to get information.
Continue reading “Foundry Cigar” »

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Don Diego Cigars: A Synonym of Taste, Flavor and Softness

Don Diego cigarsHistory was made by Altadis master blender Sr. Jose Seijas with the creation of the famous Don Diego cigar brand. For almost 50 years, Don Diego has been synonymous with high-quality mild to medium bodied cigars. Originating in the Canary Islands and now master crafted in the Dominican Republic under the watchful eye of Jose Seijas, each Don Diego cigar is specially aged and filled with premium hand selected tobaccos. The cigar is constructed of a Select Connecticut shade grown wrapper, a Dominican binder and a filler blend combination from the Dominican Republic and Brazil. This same select Connecticut wrapper is used by the makers of world class cigar brands such as Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, and H. Upmann.

Elegantly crafted with a Sumatra seed filler combined with a silky smooth Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, Don Diego cigars are enriched with both softness and smoothness. Sweet notes of spice and lavender, a creamy flavor and a subtle finish with virtually no aftertaste make the Don Diego a great selection for cigar aficionados that appreciate a gentler, subtler and mellow flavored cigar. There are a variety of front marks to the Don Diego, including the popular Don Diego Babies, Don Diego Churchill, Don Diego Corona, Don Diego Corona Major, Don Diego Grande, Don Diego Lonsdale, and the Don Diego Petit Corona.

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Perdomo Cigars: Depicting Past, Present and Future

Perdomo cigars at Mike's CigarsWorld renowned Perdomo Cigars are meticulously hand crafted by the Tabacalera Perdomo Company. With an unparalleled attention to detail and a commitment to greatness that’s been handed down from generation to generation, Tabacalera Perdomo is a company built on three distinct pillars: quality, tradition and excellence. Handmade in Nicaragua, Perdomo cigars are made using exceedingly strict quality control standards to deliver boutique handmades of the highest quality. Each Perdomo cigar performs like a dream, bringing rich balanced flavors in droves. Hand rolled to perfection with a combination of exceptional wrappers, binders and fillers; Perdomo stands to be one of the finest brands of premium, hand crafted cigars in the world.

Flawless tobaccos are carefully hand selected and aged, giving birth to a distinctive and unique cigar. A product of Cuban-seed tobacco leaves that are grown on three different farms and in the geographical regions of Nicaragua; Perdomo gets its unique flavor from leaves native to the region of Estelí, combined with aromatic and naturally sweet tobaccos from Condega and the Jalapa valley. Perdomo cigars are highly sought after by cigar aficionados and connoisseurs worldwide. Perdomo has a product line that includes Squared, Edición de Silvio, Fresco, Gran Cru, Habano, Inmenso, Lot 23, Moments, Patriarch, Reserve 10th Anniversary, Reserve Golf, Cuban Bullet, Don Rios, Genuine Cuban Counterfeits, La Tradición Cabinet Series, Nick’s Sticks ,Tierra del Sol ,Perdomo 10th Anniversary editions and a large variety of sampler packs as well… all available on our cigar website. For a smoker that seeks a rich taste and outstanding quality – Perdomo cigars are not only the right choice, but Perdomo represents the past, present and future of the quality cigar.

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Don Diego – Smooth & Mellow

Don DiegoDon Diego cigars are considered a solid, rich cigar for smokers who want a smooth and mellow cigar at a great price. Proved consistent at all times, these cigars are flavorful and aromatic with silky, light-bronze Connecticut wrappers. You will find that each of the Don Diego cigars offers a mild tobacco flavor, using a smooth Dominican and Brazilian tobacco blend.

These cigars have been rightly synonymous with high-quality mild to medium-bodied cigars, beginning with the original Don Diego and then the Playboy by Don Diego. Don Diego successfully ventured into the realm of big and bold cigars for the first time with Don Diego Fuerte in the year 2010.

Don Diego cigars have generations of history. It originated from the Canary Islands; the first cigar was made there after the Cuban embargo began. This amazing and wonderful cigar brand is now masterfully and skillfully crafted in the Dominican Republic. Known for its zesty flavor and rich aromas, it has a smooth Connecticut shade wrapper, and specially aged & hand-selected tobaccos, this one cigar is not to be missed.

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Get Lost into the World of Perdomo Cigars

Perdomo CigarsWhen it comes to a cigar that makes your mouth water, Perdomo catches all eyes as it is a renowned cigar brand from Tabacalera Perdomo. The brand is sold globally and is famous for its worldwide reach and access. Made in Nicaragua, Perdomo is an extremely well balanced “puro” that owns an elegant blend of all cuban-seed (Semilla Habano) wrappers, binders and fillers. The carefully and beautifully hand-selected and well-aged cigar emerges as one of the finest and tastiest cigars in the world. The cigar is available in traditional yet elegant boxes of 20 cigars. Perdomo has a product line that includes Squared, Edición de Silvio, Fresco, Gran Cru, Habano, Inmenso, Lot 23, Moments, Patriarch, Reserve 10th Anniversary, Reserve Golf, Cuban Bullet, Don Rios, Genuine Cuban Counterfeits, La Tradición Cabinet Series, Nick’s Sticks and Tierra del Sol. For a smoker that always searches for a relishing aroma and rich taste, Perdomo definitely brings quality to the table.

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Enjoy Every Moment with a Tasty Dominican Beauty, Don Diego

The famous Don Diego cigar brand got worldwide recognition when Altadis’ master blender Sr. Seijas created it. The mild to medium-bodied cigar is a perfect mix of sweet notes of spice and lavender that make it popular amongst smokers globally. Now, the cigar is made in the Dominican Republic by the Altadis Cigar Corp., the renowned maker of world class brands such as Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, and H. Upmann. The cigar is made uniquely with a silky and smooth Connecticut shade grown wrapper, a Sumatra seed filler combo with a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. The wrapper is responsible for making it a soft smoke with a smooth finish. The cigar is very mild and smooth and is ideal for all cigar lovers who prefer a gentle and soft flavor. There are many variations to the Don Diego brand, including the ever popular Don Diego Babies, the big Don Diego Churchill, the Don Diego Corona Major tube and the Don Diego Grande, the Don Diego Lonsdale, the Don Diego Corona and many more.

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Gispert Cigars: Giving Smokers a Reason to Come Back for More

Gispert CigarCigar lovers around the world like to go for a complete and accomplished cigar that provides satisfaction and a perfect and unique taste. Handmade in Honduras, Gispert has become a popular cigar brand since its inception in the market and has gained popularity amongst smokers. These cigars are specially crafted with a unique mix of Honduran and Nicaraguan grown long filler tobaccos, a Honduran binder, and a rich golden Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper. Unlike other cigars, Gispert is completely free from the use of cheap quality tobacco and other harmful ingredients that are sometimes used in lower-quality cigars. The cigar is hand-rolled and perfectly made by Altadis in Honduras. The former Cuban brand is now manufactured in Honduras and presented and packed in 20-25 count boxes including 25 for Natural color wrapper and 20 for the Maduro. The cigar has been honored with continuous praises and positive ratings from popular cigar magazines for its tasteful aroma that gives smokers pleasure when they light one up.

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A Unique Taste and Aroma with CAO Cigars

CAO CigarsIntroduced in 2007 by the CAO Cigar Company of Nashville, Tennessee, CAO has retained an envious reputation in the cigar industry. A golden US Connecticut shade grown wrapper, and the other a deep, dark US Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper, and filler from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Italy, USA are the obvious reasons behind the existence of this full-bodied, complete and accomplished cigar. This Honduran beauty is the outcome of ligero longfiller blend of tobaccos from Nicaragua. The cigar is an amalgamation of these tobaccos that result in a truly complex, full bodied cigar that makes its loyal fans coming back for more.

The cigar has a wide range of lines that consists of CAO America, CAO Brazilia, CAO Cameroon, CAO Criollo, CAO Flavours, CAO Gold, CAO Gold Maduro, CAO Italia, CAO La Traviata, CAO Lx2, CAO Maduro, CAO Mx2, CAO OSA Sol, CAO Samplers and CAO Sorpranos. When it comes to finding such a cigar that makes its smokers feel relaxed and comfortable, CAO catches all eyes.

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Alec Bradley: A Smoke of Perfection

Alec Bradley cigarsWhen it comes to an accomplished and complete cigar, it is necessary that it has a perfect wrapper, binder and filler. The only name that comes out spontaneously is Alec Bradley. The cigar is a perfect and flawless mix of true quality and excellence. It was founded by Alan Rubin and has gained a worldwide reputation and has become a household name. It has occupied a special place in the cigar industry!

Hand-crafted and made with selective tobaccos from different locations globally, the cigar has the ability to tempt smokers with its unique flavor. The medium to full-bodied cigar is developed and crafted by skilled workers in Honduras along with fillers from Honduras and Nicaragua. Alec Bradley Maxx and Alec Bradley Tempus are the two most popular varieties of the cigar.  The brand also has some popular product lines that include Bogey’s Stogies, Occidental Reserve, Trilogy, Cuban Spirit, Prensado, Select Cabinet Reserve and Tempus Family Blend. All commit to providing smokers happiness and satisfaction when they light up any Alec Bradley cigar. The relishing aroma and rich taste make Alec Bradley a perfect smoke.

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