Top Cigar Accessories and How to Organize Them

Smoking fine cigars is a relaxing and luxurious activity. When you smoke a cigar, you will enjoy richly layered flavors along with a sense of style and taste.

To fully take advantage of the luxurious feeling that comes with smoking cigars, one needs to make sure they are using of the correct accessories. Using the proper accessories can help maintain the freshness of your cigar while also providing an excellent cut & a smooth burn. Once you have purchased all of the necessary accessories (cutters, lighters, ashtrays, humidors etc.), the only thing left to worry about is how to make sure that they are always in the right place when you need them. Nobody wants to sit down to enjoy a nice cigar only to realize they’re missing their lighter or ashtray. With everything stored and organized neatly and carefully, it’s time to sit back, relax & enjoy your top quality cigar. Continue reading on as we will discuss some of the accessories that help keep your cigar smoking hobby easy and relaxing.


Indispensable to most cigar aficionados, humidors stabilize the chemical and physical properties of the cigars placed within them. This helps your cigars retain the best possible flavor and ensures a smooth burn. Humidors are made in a variety of sizes, from small ones for your desk or end table to massive ones that can accommodate a collection of dozens of fine cigars. Regardless of size, humidors will keep the cigars at the optimal 65 to 70 percent humidity and will also protect them from light.

An immense variety of humidors are available to match the individual needs of cigar smokers worldwide. Don Salvatore humidors, for example, often have glistening rosewood exteriors that provide a sleek, timeless look, but also offer impressively well designed storage for 90 cigars or more. Double humidifiers provide an even flow of moisture while an externally mounted hygrometer enables tracking of interior conditions. Some humidors feature glass tops, such as those by El Rey, permitting display of cigars without exposing them to potentially drying air. Small travel humidors capable of holding 20 cigars are offered by firms like Florence.












A quality cut is the crucial first step of any good cigar smoking session, and the ability to make this cut crisply will help prove you are a knowledgeable and experienced cigar user. Several different styles are available to match your personality and preference. Modern rectangular slice cutters by Cohiba give a contemporary sensibility, as do Xicar’s teardrop Xi2 cutters. The Xi2 is made out of light, unbreakable nylon fiberglass, and the blades are fashioned from super-hard 440 stainless steel, with a Rockwell rating of 57, providing razor keen cuts and reliable chopping through the cigar’s cap. Lifetik’s metal ring cutters offer both style and precision to users.












The newest cigar lighters are made to simplify the process of getting an even burn started. Godzilla’s triple torch lighters reliably start a burn across the whole width of the cigar foot and they are available in several different colors. Rocky Patel designs multi flame lighters with a slick “Art Deco” look that transports you back to the Gilded Age. Some have special details, such as the small mirror in the cap of Volcano’s triple torch lighters, which is meant to give a view of the cigar foot for accurate lighting. For technologically advanced smokers, coil lighters, such as the iFlame, can be charged through a USB port and are able to be taken places that butane lighters cannot, such as on a commercial airliner.











Cigar Tubes

Cigar tubes are extremely useful for carrying cigars while on the move. These metal tubes help cigars retain the proper amount of humidity and therefore ensure that they remain fresh. Cigar tubes also guard your cigars from physical damage such as being squashed or broken while they sit in your pocket or bag.

St. Dupont makes extremely stylish cigar tubes, with dark bodies and gold or silver fittings for contrast. Besides their artistry, these tubes are practical, coming in either single or double configurations depending on whether you want to bring one cigar or a pair along with you. These items are a must-have for the cigar aficionado frequently “on the go.”












Ashtrays are a practical way to neatly contain ash and prevent a mess, but can also add to the cigar smoking experience with their decorative appearance. For example, Trinidad’s crystal ashtray will fit perfectly in any room due to its beautiful look/design. Xicar’s ashtrays are so elegant and modern that they are suitable for any contemporary styled rooms. Cohiba’s square wooden cutter ashtray set features a regal, rich, satiny wooden construction and a convenient drawer to keep a cutter or two handy. This item is extremely luxurious and accommodates up to four cigars, making it ideal for small gatherings both formal and informal.











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